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Bam! Stop the press!

Sneeweis’ first game is hereby officially announced as it enters the beta testing phase!


Oggipital, with its cute characters the Kisau Veelas and the Oggiput is a puzzle game about quick decisions and accurate finger moves, about the pursuit of the highest score among your friends. Perfect for those minutes on the sofa when home alone. On the back seat on a road trip. Between the bus stops. In the loo. Quick to play, quick to annoy, quick to thrill.

It probably won’t help you to become a better Oggipital player by reading the book. The book is recommended reading, nonetheless.

Look! It is already playable on an iPad if you’re one of the lucky beta testers. But it’s not yet released, you’ll have to wait to around April 2014 to find it in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. An exact release date will be decided while we go along in this blog.

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Meet the Kisau Veelas

“An indie game developer does not exist before he has some screenshots posted on his blog”, some ingenious game developer said. I think it was actually me on Twitter. Anywhoo, I am pleased to introduce the Kisau Veelas to you! These funny guys are one of the main characters in the upcoming puzzle game.

Hit play to play!

They’re a bit shy in this start menu image above, but they will get used to you.

Falling down. Without Michael Douglas.

 And goes without saying, these are only the first drafts of the style and characters of the game, by no means the final art of the game. But look at this one on the left go! Whee! Awesome.

If you are curious on who made these, I shall proudly present Pietari Posti, easily one of the best current illustrators in Europe if not in the world. His illustration style is kinda art nouveau- and art deco-ish, which I’ve always liked in print – to the extent that I have this style of posters, which I’ve hunted down on my travels, framed on my wall. Not from Pietari, though – yet.

We’ve got a bunch of these Kisau Veelas, and about six of them are going to make it to the game. Furthermore, there will be another boneheaded character in the game which we’ll present in later posts. Also coming up in later posts; more about the game itself. It would be rude not to write about the game itself, huh? But for now you have to settle with another draft of some of the Veelas, here you go:

Ooga and booga? No.

Excellent. I like these.