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Pixelem is a science-themed word puzzle game. Dive right into the world of world-renowed scientists, chemistry, elements, particles, and radiation. You know, sciency stuff like that. But don’t be alarmed, the sciency stuff is nothing you need to master to play the game – any swiping and tapping skills of a brain-teasing puzzle game lover is enough! The nerdy stuff is there as an extra, for us extra geeky persons. Because it’s both educating, and hilarious.

Expect a lot of particles and radiation flying around. Tease that brain! B-zap!

Pixelem is work in progress, and the next title of Sneeweis. Coming to your iOS 7-capable device in the the first half of 2015. Follow the path to production in the blog!

Jungled Baron

The third game of Sneeweis is made in collaboration with our intern, 18-year-old Elma Lähteenmäki, who is a 2D/animation artist from the Nakkila Sataedu Vocational School for Animation and Game Design. Being in concept stage at the moment, the best way of following the progress is by reading about it on our blog!

The Jungled Baron is a action game, paying homage to the 1980’s handheld electronic games. Shortly put, a baron ends up in a jungle, goes a bit nutty for coconuts, and there’s some really whacky [sic] monkey business going on!


We’re working on a grand update, stay tuned for some serious cut’n’slice bonanza – soon in the App Store!

Pro Tip: the price will drop to $0.99 with the update!

It’s just human nature to start popping that bubble wrap once you get your hands on it. Many of us squash ugly bugs that are messing with our summery sweet drink.

Threesy_1BOggipital is a game where you can please your slicing and squashing skills without harming a single real bug or sheet of bubble wrap. Pinch in, pinch out, and see those funny characters go “pop”!
The game is about quick decisions and accurate finger moves, about the pursuit of the highest score, about a pure level-up, and a clean play-through. Plus, the characters of the game look sweet and dandy as well, that never hurts, right? Meet the Kisau Veelas and the Oggiput, and in the same go, get that high score!

Wansy_1BIf you are anything like us here at Sneeweis, you’re going to love the fast-paced tempo of it – expect hair-tearing sudden deaths and rapid Game Over-screens, and fast-paced thrills when you’re on the roll. There’s always another new game, right there – nothing like the previous game, but an equally potential candidate for the high score. This, we think, puts the game into the loved “casual game” category. What else would you be doing when chilling at home on the sofa?

Can you find the optimal strategy and tune your finger skills to beat everyone on the planet? We haven’t been able to, so far. Apple’s Game Center will keep track of your scores, so log in, and challenge your friends for a race up the leaderboards!

 iOS Simulator Screen shot 14 maj 2014 13.48.39 iOS Simulator Screen shot 14 maj 2014 13.52.48 iOS Simulator Screen shot 14 maj 2014 13.59.23 iOS Simulator Screen shot 14 maj 2014 14.13.42

Gameplay shortly

  • Quick and short game sessions.
  • Cut the characters by doing a horizontal “zoom in” move.
  • If you make a mistake such as cut vertically, or a miss, the Oggiput character will enter the field. Do a “zoom out” (pinch) move, also horizontally, to get rid of him.
  • Cut the characters to collect enough of one kind to level up.
  • Watch out for sudden deaths – even one mistake can end the game.

The game is suitable for every age, from kid to grandparent. There’s no graphical violence in it, and not a single IAP (In-App Purchase) or advertisement bugging you. Pure action gameplay all through.



Release date: Friday, 6th of June,  2014

Price: $1.99 (€1.79)

System requirements: iOS 7 installed on an iPhone (4, 4S, or newer), iPad (2, or newer), any iPad Mini, or iPod Touch (5th generation or newer). The game is a “Universal app”, working both on an iPhone/iPod, and iPad.

Team: Ville Lundberg (Game design & development), Pietari Posti (Art & graphics,, Ryan Davies (Audio,


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Bruce Lee

The Journey Starts Here

A 1200-step life improvement plan. 1157 steps to go.

Wait, let’s rewind a bit.

Funny thing happened. I’ve always been entrepreneurial but lazy (lazy in the  good sense, think of laziness when it comes to programming. It’s a virtue, which the Perl community noted decades ago). I got a bit bored of my day job and at the same time my ideas, which I’ve been working on since years, seemed to make more and more sense from an entrepreneurial point of view. I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions but in August 2012 I decided I would do one, for the fun of it. I called it a “life-improvement plan”, as a pun on such plans – they seem to be as big a business as they are full of crap (just by looking at the amount of self-improvement books out there).

Just to make sure – my life-improvement plan, this blog, and certainly this company – is no self-help preaching thingy, ending in me trying to sell you one of those how-to-improve-your-life-really-really-this-time-books.

The 1200-step life-improvement plan is a play on the famous 12-step program AA has. I just realised I need a few more steps to reach my goals. What are those goals, and what are those steps? Well, a lot of things happened in one year, so I need to run through the major happenings:

First I was, like, “my job sucks“. Then I was, like, “what if I, this time for real, allocate a few nights a week to build a prototype and see if that could lead to something“. I had all kinds of constraints, mainly lack of time and energy, mostly attributed to my day job and a family of two kids and two dogs. So I added one requirement to the life-improvement plan: do not sacrifice being a good dad while pursuing your new goals. I’m at an age where I can’t afford to code all night long without considering others. This is why I recommend anyone to do this kind of career jumps while they’re young and single. 🙂

I was actually successful in working on a prototype for an app I knew would bring me millions. Being mature enough, and having way too expensive living costs, I focused on what mattered. No expensive Macbook Pro’s, Aeron chairs, height-adjustable desk. Just spent a couple of hundred buck for a new monitor to the existing Mac Mini which I nicked from the living room, installing XCode, and voilá, set to go. However, after a couple of months I was in dismay. I decided the prototype was a no-go, mainly due to my lack of knowledge in Mac/iOS programming and time to pursue it harder. Objective-C was new to me, as was the iOS SDK, but I knew that with a few days of training I get the hang of it – it’s just another language and framework, after all. But the app’s scope just blew up.

So I did another prototype. This time for a game idea I had gotten after a few glasses of red wine around the time Super Hexagon was released. After a few weeks I decided that this is a go. But instead of continuing to build it during the nights –  of which I had way too few of – there was other variables now in play. I could not quit my day job cold turkey – my living costs in Switzerland were way to high for that, but with some coincidences and luck, we decided with my family to buy a house and move back to Finland. All this resulted in me quitting my job and deciding to use our way too few savings to ramp up a company. A game studio, the company of my dreams since I was a teenager.

I had some concrete goals and steps in my mind when I formulated my tongue-in-cheek life-improvement plan. Shortly, or as short as you can describe a 1200-step program, it contained the following goals:

  • Goal: start doing what you love for work
    • Step: do a prototype of one of the software ideas (an iPhone app at that time) and evaluate it
  • Goal: Get in better physical shape. I’m athletic, but I haven’t done anything physical in 6 years. It does not show on my figure (thank you, genes), but in energy levels.
    • Step: start doing sports which are easy and quick to do in any daily situation: jogging is the best candidate.
  • Goal: get filthy rich
  • Goal: do not sacrifice anything on the family side (“anything” is taken a bit loosely, but you know what I mean – don’t become a coding ogre who lives at night, not having any contact to your family anymore)

That get-rich-goal might seem superficial, but is actually none of the kind. You see, money is the only thing I lack in my life, always have. I have [had] a good job, a insanely great wife and super adorable daughters, a great family, even some friends. Money is a means to be able to do more stuff I and my family love to do. See, I used “do”, not “own”.

I will describe the progress of those goals in future posts in more detail, but the quick run-down on the status after the first year is:

  • The get-in-shape part was the most successful. I started jogging and got into better shape, resulting in more energy to put into this journey. I need to keep doing it – now I have slacked off a bit too much due to the moving out of Switzerland [TODO: insert more excuses here]
  • The don’t-sacrifice-your-family went also fine. I did not lower the amount of time I spend every day with my kids. On the contrary, I could actually have done more for my company than I did. I’m a procrastinator and a family man, what can I say.
  • The start-doing-what-you-love: here more happened than I could keep up with. Plans changed. Things came up. I quit my job and moved to another country much quicker than I anticipated, but on the positive side, I could jump into the startup life with much more time and enthusiasm.

This blog post is from my personal point of view. These kind of post will definitely be one part of this blog, but don’t be afraid – the main point of view for this blog will be the journey of my startup – about game design and development, coding, game and app projects, progress thereof. And with a good pinch of sarcasm without emoticons and border-line NSFW jokes.

Welcome aboard!

Ville Lundberg

Game Developer, CEO, CTO, Founder, Senior Project Manager… hey, I can choose my own title! Suck on that, mid-European title masturbators! (Sorry about that – had to get it out of my system.)