Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

As you could imagine, a part of every life-improvement plan contains elements of health, exercise, and food. So does mine.

This part has actually started out pretty well, and it is one of the parts that has not stalled, well, not too much.

When it’s about a man turning middle age, having a family at home, and all those excuses, the discussion around sports seems to revolve around time, or more precisely, not having any. When do I have time to do it? What kind of sports should I do? And it’s very true. A big part of a life-improvement plan is about time management, and I do not differ there in any way. I love spending time with my family, and I will never change on that. Alas, the time for sports has to come from other places, not from the time between my homecoming from work and putting the kids to bed.

I used to do a lot of gym and roller skating, but those have been dismissed since years. Going to the gym is a bit boring and I do not hold the discipline to do it with the energy I had when I was 22. If I go to the gym today, I tend to compare myself to the 22-year-old myself. And today’s myself tend to lose that comparison.

So, what’s a good sport one can do by minimising the time he has for it? Jogging is a good candidate. So is cycling, and other sports which you can do a) by just stepping out of your front door b) replace a part of your normal routines with, such as job commuting, or c) something you can do while working.

Weird enough, cycling seems to be a sport that every 35+ man who works in IT or computers, seem to get interested in. I could imagine it is partly because one can build his own bike, assemble it from different parts (“Do you have Shimano XT or Deore or… and what disc brakes do you use?”), thus fulfilling the geek factor, much like building your own computer (when we used to do that in the 90’s – no-one does it anymore, right?). On a physiological note, cycling is better than running – old men don’t want to strain their knees, heels, and feet.

I’m interested in picking up biking, I even looked up the bike I like to buy, but then my {now former] employer fudged us out of our bonuses  (you might start to get the idea why I was not thrilled by the situation at work). So I’ve put the bike on hold for a while. Will look into it when I’m back in Finland. Won’t have any commuting to do, though, which is a pity!

Anywhoo. A promise is a promise, so no procrastination for me. Immediately when I got back to work after having this epiphany for a life-improvement plan, I put two 1.5 hour reservations around lunch hour for “lunch hour sports, out of office”. That calendar block also blocked out some annoying meeting requests I’m sure, so win-win!

It worked. When the calendar said it’s jogging time, I jogged. No excuses.

Now that I’ve jumped of the hamster wheel to build my own company, I have started to procrastinate again when it comes to sports. Get a grip, man!

I will. I promise.