The Oggiput

In addition to the Kisau Veelas, the other character in the puzzle game is this bone-headed guy, the Oggiput.

Da Oggiput, yo!

He sure looks like one grumpy guy who will mess with your game, so you will probably want to get rid of him as soon as you spot him. Who knows what kind of damage he will otherwise do to your new high score you’ve been hunting for the whole morning in the bus on your way to the office? Squash him like the bug he is!

Or maybe he is just misunderstood. He can’t help his rather scary looks and thick skull, clinking into everything in his path. Perhaps he has a heart of gold. Shall we forgive him?

But then again, the Kisau Veelas do not seem super eager to meet him.

Kisau Veelas not diggin’ it.

I’m a bit puzzled about this. Tee hee, puzzled by a puzzle game. Who writes this stuff?! You’re fired!