Screenshot Saturday #1

Ah, my first #ScreenshotSaturday! I remember it like it was yesterday…

The drafts from the game art experiments are only for trying out game mechanics. And the prototype is not THAT far yet, alas, I present you one lame…ish screenshot from the prototype! There’s not much you can conclude from this screenshot but let’s leave it like that – future posts will present the game in much more detail. I haven’t even released the name of the game yet!

Box2D debug lines are fancy!

This week I’ve been playing around with TexturePacker and importing the sprite sheets into the build. Excellent tool, by the way, highly recommended if you’re into 2D game development. I particularly like the take the guys from Frogmind have; use as much as possible existing tools, don’t bother developing your own (unless you are aiming to be a tool developer, duh). This is particularly important for small indie teams. Focus on the game mechanics, storytelling, and game polish.

Now that I have a company there is also another aspect of these supporting tools. And that is the supporting of the tools. I’ve gone the whole circle of using warez only (in my early days), moving to free/open source (last 10 years), and now, finally, buying proper licenses. I mean – I can charge like $80 and hour when doing some subcontracting in my previous industry – what kind of excuses can I have for not buying a great tool for $29? Or for $119 for that matter? None. On top of feeling great by supporting fellow coders, there is one ethical rule that trumps everything in this matter: if you are a developer and aim to get your livelihood thru your coding, you cannot use pirated software to do your coding. Especially if you’re a company. Else, that would be like, uh, dunno, awkward and double morals and bad stuff. So buy your licenses or I bomb your country!!1!

Furthermore, this week has been a bit of “architecture” and clean-up. Think “what should I put into a new class, what should I just dump into this big ugly Layer class? I need to get this prototype further – quickly“. So I ended up moving around and renaming properties and classes – having that “” in there is a bit embarrassing. However, every coder knows it’ll ruin the night if you cannot get anything visible done. So I got also a Box2D body moving around according to some states in the game. Felt better immediately!

Alrighty then. I’ll remain with best regards, chilling, coding, and hey, follow us on Twitter! Please! Please? Thanks, dude, you’re awesome! Just like me. We’re awesome, we should hang out together! On Twitter!