Information for Geeks

Alright boys and girls. You can also create a game. What do you need for it? Well, I have no idea, but I can list the tools I use. I guess you have to put in some talent in programming, art, and game design, but other than that, you can probably just download some frameworks and tools and get going.

Fellow game developers seem unreasonably interested in what goes on behind the scenes of game development, so here goes. Nothing fancy, I tend to pick out the “best practices” by just googling around. You know, top hits and what seems to be most widely used.

  • Game engine: Cocos2D with the all-awesome Box2D physics engine. I’m not very interested in flame wars on what engine is the best – such discussions go into the same category as “which programming language is the best”. You can always spot an amateur from those statements. Every seasoned developer knows that the answer is “whichever you know best“. ¬†If you don’t know any, well, then it does not matter which you choose. None of the “best of breed” are bad.
  • Lower level stuff: Macbook Pro 15″, Mac OS X 10.8, XCode 4.6. I develop games for the Apple mobile devices, hence.
  • Photoshop Elements 11 for miscellaneous art stuff, but I don’t do the main art, I just fiddle around with the awesome art from Pietari Posti
  • TexturePacker for optimizing the sprites. This is one hell of a good tool, very nice integration into Cocos2D (and several other engines).
  • PhysicsEditor for creating the bounding boxes for the sprites. This is also hell of a good tool, very nice integration into Cocos2D (and several other engines).
  • I have not yet, but I am with utmost certainty going to use Particle Designer to create particle effects into the game. The tool has just released version 2.0, which is supposed to be an excellent improvement to version [Update: I bought it the next week.]
  • And depending on the artzy need, I will in the same go go with Glyph Designer for font creation, because, why not.
  • Sounds. Now, this is an area I’m unfamiliar with. I see, at this stage, no reason not to go with Cocos2D’s internal sound engine. Please correct me if I’m wrong. (My sound specs so far: sounds and music have to be AWESOME!!1!)

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen! The list is actually not that long, now that I’m looking at it. Which must mean it is easy to do computer games!