This is a Silly Status Update

I really hate blog posts where the writer starts with excuses why there has not been much activity on the blog lately. So I won’t write one.

The location of the office for the company has moved. And while the company is a rather small one-person game studio at this time, the “we’re moving office” is an indirect way of saying me and my family moved – we’re located back in Finland into our new old house now. Took a bit longer than expected.

Even though coding has ceased pretty much competely for the last month, there’s been some action in the peripherals of game development. Aside of getting a proper home office (yes, I probably need to write one of those blog posts soon), I had finally the time and the place to order a development device – an iPad Mini – and I’m just short of registering it via Xcode to run the game on a real device for the first time. While wifey’s iPhone got smashed on a concrete floor I ordered a 5c in the same go, and now there’s an iPhone 4 & iPad 2 with iOS 6, and a 4S, iPad Mini, and 5c, these with iOS 7, in da house. That should be a good-enough testing bed for the near future. Furthermore, and partly driven by the need of a dedicated dev device, my company is now registered as an Apple iOS developer. Woohoo. It took about a week and a half but all in all the process was pretty smooth; no surprises, no hiccups, except the one fear that calling that weird long-distance call to frigging Luxembourg to activate my account could potentially have costed more than the yearly subscription fee of the whole dev program. I’ve heard miscellaneous horror stories about it but my experience was pretty much by the book and I had to listen to the “you’re on hold” song in bad quality for only 20 minutes.

Just before starting the journey back home – hey, it was only five days in the car with two kids and two dogs – I also commissioned Pietari Posti for some new art. He’s got a new web site BTW, check it out, pretty sweet. I had the PSD in my inbox forever, annoying the hell out of me every time I saw it as my fingers itched to put those sprites into the spritesheets and finalize some effects in the game.┬áBut now it looks like I get to


the game for real on a real device for the first time! And I promise, this blog will get at least




no no, no,


better in the near future!