Learning To Teach

As I mentioned in the last blog post, I’ve come to realize one really needs to teach one’s customers to use the product. For the last week the tutorial portion of Oggipital has been under construction, and right now it is somewhere between first draft and final implementation. It still lacks the final art, but looking good enough to be used. I want to get one part implemented still, the “Level Up”.

I’ve been quite secretive about the game – not on purpose, though. There’s just not that much to show each Screenshot Saturday in a game with static screens. But as more and more features gets finalized, I will post more and more information about the game here. And I’ve heard Vine┬áis the latest dogs bollocks in social media marketing for indie game developers, so here’s a taste of the tutorial system, revealing a whopping six seconds of the game play idea!

Yes, the video is supposed to loop indefinitely on a 6 second clip in that quality.