I Almost Scored

For the last two weeks I’ve added a lot of visual stuff into the game, most notably the High Scores screen and several “for fun” animations to all of the screens. Adding those in makes wonders – now I starts to feel like the game I once was designing. And definitely fun to make this stuff. Small stuff, but gives a lot of character to the game. And it’s surprisingly fast and easy to implement!

We’re on the final stretch now, just a few features missing – most prominently the Game Center integration and the small in-game animations. I finally googled smart enough to find out why the animations kept crashing the game, so now all that’s left on that front is to include the proper sprites and animation sequences into the game.

On the Game Center integration front I started with the local score handling. A few minor bug fixes and that’ll be a wrap, after which the Game Center stuff will go in. For that I need to activate the Game Center leaderboards and achievements in my iTunes Connect account, alas I want to do the whole feature separated from other stuff. The testing of it requires also sandbox testing towards the Game Center test servers.

In the meantime I’ll treat you to Screenshot Saturday #4 even if it’s not Saturday!