Stable Development

Avid readers might remember that – now very faint – idea of a tongue-in-cheek life improvement plan I had. 1200 steps and all. What’s up with that? Another one of those “I knew it would go the way of the dodo” things?

Not really. Well, yes, I had a pause in sports and activity, but it was merely a pause. I’m not jogging or skiing outside when temperatures hit -20C, that is just not me. Suffices to say that I started jogging again as the weather starts to be nice and sunny (occasionally), and I’ve done light weight lifting every now and then. The gym is only three steps from my office door, I counted, and it’s included in the rent!

But first and foremost the life improvement plan is active and working – on the level it needs to be. See, I am enjoying my current game development tasks so much that I do not need to think about various aspects to improve in my daily business.

That’s a good thing.