Scope Creep Part 1

I’ll return to actual scope creep in another post as I find scope creep an interesting part of project work and processes. But for now I’ll just announce that

You’ve now got 33% more game play for the same price!

Isn’t this great news? It’ll make the price for the game a bargain! Well, one could argue that it’s hard to say as the game’s not even released yet, and I’m inclined to agree. This is what actually happened:

To mitigate the risk of Oggipital being too hard on newcomers, I came up with a feature called “Expert Mode” a few months ago. Last week I decided to implement it already for the first version of the game because it has game play and scoring altering side effects. I’ve got the feeling players don’t want their Game Center high score to lose steam due to a game update – we’re competitive like that – so I don’t want to do major changes to the game once it’s out.

What the mode essentially does is that once it’s enabled – you need to get through the first level first – it’ll give you a chance to toggle the “Expert Mode” on and off for the next game. When on, the first level of the game will be skipped and you’ll start the game on level 2 with the high score you have for level 1.  I.e. experts who find the first level too lame can skip it but keep the possibility to make a new all-time high score, but newcomers will have an easier level to start with so they’re not scared away in case they’re not into quite hard to beat games.

I made the first level easier by taking out one Kisau Veela type, but to keep the other levels as they were before, this essentially meant there will be a total of four levels instead of three. Bam, 33% more game play!