And We’re Done!

Would you believe it? Oggipital’s finished! I wrapped up the Game Center code today, adding the missing parts of the leaderboard and achievements code.

Hold your horses for a couple of weeks still, though – I’ve got a bug list I need to wade through and fix the obvious one’s. The list is surprisingly short, and to my astonishment, TestFlightApp tells me the game has not crashed a single time on my testers. I knew I was good, but that good? Apparently. (To save me from getting obnoxious I’ll disclose that I’ve naturally crashed it several times, but mostly with the use of a debug menu which won’t be in the final version anyway.)

Ryan, my audio guy, whipped up two more pieces of background music due to the additional level. In addition to some iteration over the sound FX, the sound landscape is pretty awesome now! I’ve got some coding to do forĀ a few new sounds – not more than fixing a few bugs.

Other than that, smoke is pouring out of my ears while trying to get my head around the whole release process. OMG there’s a lot to do. Planning, writing, marketing, contacting media, pushing stuff out on several channels…it’ll certainly be a hectic but teaching time. I’m planning the official release date – expect it to be in around 4 weeks – and I’ll naturally post more official details on that one!