Oggipital Pro Tip #1

Pro Tip #1

First off: you get to the Pro Tips in the game by pressing the in-game “Pause” button. Top secret hidden feature: tap the “Pause” page anywhere else than on the buttons, and more tips will emerge!

Alright, let’s start. The first tip one goes into the category “Remember This”.

Hurry to make a cut if the timer is running out. Squashing an Oggiput does not reset the timer!

The “Burndown Timer” is there for a couple of reasons. The basic usage you probably figured out already: it’ll tell you how long you have left to make your cut. If you don’t make the cut on time, the Oggiput will pop by. The gold nugget in this tip is the second sentence: if there’s an Oggiput on the field, you need to squash it first, but hurry up, because the timer won’t reset, and you won’t have much time to do the cut anymore!