Oggipital Pro Tip #3

Pro Tip #3

And diving right into the “Level Up” category,

The color of the timer shows the relative amounts of the Kisau Veelas, with the most common Kisau Veela starting at the bottom of the timer.

This is the second usage of the “Burndown Timer”. Those rainbow colors have actually a meaning. If you look closely, the colors resemble the main colors of the Kisau Veelas. The amount of the various Kisau Veelas types on the playfield are shown by the timer. This gives you a quick hint on which Kisau Veela kinds you should collect. As the target is to collect as many of the same kind as possible, you should mainly pay attention to the two colors on the bottom half of the timer.

The secret formula on what kind of Kisau Veelas you get when you cut is shown in the tutorial. When you make a cut, you can imagine the playfield being cut in two parts. One of those parts is always smaller than the other, right? It’s the part you need to focus on: you see, you can decide where to cut, and hence which part of the field will be the smaller part. It’s easier to count the Kisau Veela kinds on the smaller part, you usually just need to take a glance to see which kind is most common on the part you are planning to “cut off”.

You will always get Kisau Veelas of that type – the most common type – and they will pop away towards the opposite direction – the bigger part. Because the Kisau Veelas are cut in half, you’ll also get  other kinds popping into the other direction. Don’t bother with what kind they are. They’re the least common type from the bigger part of the field, but that’s details.