Oggipital Pro Tip #4

Pro TipĀ #4

Continuing with the “Level Up” category, a bit more precise than the previous tip,

Use the timer color to prepare for Level Up. When the bottom half is of the same color, you are close!

Also explained in the tutorial, you’ll level up once you have collected enough of the same kind of Kisau Veelas. As the timer shown you the amounts, you can keep an eye on the bottom half of the timer. Once it’s of the same color, you might level up with the next cut. But beware, the sliding colors of the timer are not super precise – even if it looks like it’s more than half of the same color, perhaps the actual count of the Kisau Veelas on the field is not yet fulfilling the 50% rule.

There are other prerequisites than this 50% rule to be able to level up. I bet there are some Pro Tips on those.