Oggipital Pro Tip #5

Pro Tip #5

In category “Do’s and Don’ts, Mostly Don’ts”, there are a few sudden death situations looming in the game. This is one of them.

You cannot cut an Oggiput. He is too tough for that – tougher than a Game Over.

The Oggiput has been described as one grumpy bug-like creature, who comes in and messes with your game. You can think of him as the penalty of making a mistake in Oggipital – when you do an illegal move, like miss all Kisau Veelas, or cut vertically (i.e. your cut hits another border than both the vertical borders of the playfield), an Oggiput jumps into the field. He does not end or destroy the game, but he certainly wreaks havoc: he bumps into the Kisau Veelas, and when so, the Kisau Veela changes its type. Hence your Kisau Veela collecting gets messed up, unless you quickly squash the Oggiput.

All this can happen three times before Game Over – the Oggiput represents your “lives” in the game. Originally I planned the game to be a one-shot game, where the first mistake would end it. This would have taken the game more towards the “hard but simple” category, but after a few weeks of playtesting and with some other game mechanic tunings, I decided there is room for the “lives” feature. The “Level Up” feature was one of the driving choices – initially the game was planned to be just one level. As in play it perfect and get a score, or die and retry.

Anyway. When you make a mistake, the rule of the game is that you need to redeem the situation immediately. Alas, you need to squash the Oggiput before the time runs out, and before you can make another cut. If you try to cut it, game over. Simple.