Oggipital Pro Tip #11

Pro TipĀ #11

And right from the “It’s Not Over Until The Fat One’s Are Gone”, this explains why the Level Up seems to be so random.

You need to cut each Kisau Veela at least once to be able to Level Up.

The Level Up rule is the most confusing and the hardest one to get, I’ve heard. I concur it’s not the simplest and most logical rule, but it’s not that bad. The tutorial explains it. You need the majority of the Kisau Veelas to be of the same kind before you can level up. Simple. And to open the level up gate, you need to cut so that this majority is on the same side of the cut you are making. Simple, unless you miss the cut, or have miscalculated the amount of Kisau Veelas. But that’s on you, not me.

You need to cut every Kisau Veela at least once, otherwise you would level up way too easily, and most annoying, too early – at a time you would still keep on collecting those points. Mathematical fact, trust me.