Oggipital Pro Tip #12

Pro Tip #12

In category “Hidden Features”, this one’s for the real pros.

Are Kisau Veelas stuck at awkward places? Try a quick shake of your device. Not too much, though, or you’ll get a visitor.

If you play for long, and you got a good thing going, you might notice that the Kisau Veelas have a slight tendency to flock. If you got a lot of small one’s around the big one’s, which you still want to cut, it can be tricky to not hit the small one’s. You want to keep those small one’s around. Get them off the big one’s by shaking your device quickly –  not much, not often, just a flick! Going pinball-machine-berserk on you iPhone might have negative impacts – both on your game and on your iPhone¹.

¹ Sneeweis is not responsible for damage brought to your surroundings due to shaking, slipping, and launching your iDevice as a projectile into your brand new widescreen TV.