The Kisau Veelas: Intro

Oggipital has a bunch of characters in it, but the thing is – the game is not at all about the characters. The game mechanics have initially been designed just to be actions and functions, not related to a character or a story at all. The game idea was initially much more of a hard-but-simple game, a very short slicing/cutting frenzy, do-or-die. The art style was supposed to be “line graphics on acid”, very much inspired by Super Hexagon. Super Hexagon happened to be the first thing that went big on the indie side at the time I entered Twitter.

I had – still have –  a great idea for a kid’s game, and I was juggling for a while if I would make that as my first game. This was at the time I noticed kids’ apps and games was becoming big (here in the Nordics’ driven a lot by Toca Boca), and I knew a well-made kids’ game would easily gain a top position on the App Store charts. I was right – six months after I saw dozens of new kids’ apps popping up and the App Store featured a lot of these. Feeling a bit defeated (by my laziness of not pursuing that game), but I’m sure there is room for yet another great kids’ game. Believe me, I have two little gamers here. The iPad is awesome for kids.

But the size of the project dissuaded me, and in hindsight that was good. The decision to make a simpler, smaller game as the first game was certainly the best approach to enter the game development industry.

However, I started thinking a bit ahead. I’m in this for the long haul, fully intended to run this as a business and make a living for me. In an attempt to maximize future benefits – both in workload and in marketing – I decided to change the art style of Oggipital (whatever the working title was in the beginning…hadn’t one, I think). I wanted to get a feeling for the art style for the kids’ game, and the style by Pietari Posti was so great that I wanted to fix that immediately.

The plan was to make a simplified set of the kids’ game characters and use them for Oggipital. This would pay off when the kids’ game is out, as the characters are already known. Building a brand, sort of. I noticed the game mechanics were a good fit for these simplified characters, so to browse my List Of Crazy Ideas did not take long, and I had the names and main characteristics of the characters ready. They will fit both games – the kids’ game will be an extension to the characters seen in Oggipital. Yes, the kids’ game will happen. One day.

In Oggipital the Kisau Veelas, as I call the funny chaps which you are about to slice and dice, are essentially just round blobs with funny faces, and fulfil the game mechanics’ need for round, cuttable, equal sized targets. But I’ll run a set of blog posts to show off each character – because the art style is awesome!