The Kisau Veelas: “Wansy”

The Kisau Veelas are named in foresight for the kids’ game I’m planning to do with them. One of the kids’ game’s aspects would be, not very original, an educational one, more precisely about counting. So the names are derived out of the English words for the numbers 1 – 10.


This is Wansy. I haven’t put my mind to developing the characteristics of the Kisau Veelas, as it’s not that important in Oggipital. But for the kids’ game there certainly will be a well-thought character and characteristics palette.


All of the Kisau Veelas have a set of facial expressions in Oggipital, and a specific small animation. There’s no sounds attached to them because having like 40 Kisau Veelas on the playfield would mean the game would never shut up. So the animations are there just for fun, for that small polish in the game.