Oggipital Pro Tip #20

Pro TipĀ #20

The Agile Coach brought this one in. On a post-it note. He stuck it on the whiteboard in the “To Do” column, and never bothered to stay until it was moved into the “To Be Verified” column.

Start collecting a Kisau Veela type early on, but be prepared to change your tactic if a great cut gets you more of the other.

The fact is, no-one has time to keep track of the Kisau Veela count at all times. Sometimes you hunt for the huge multiplier score, and when you do that cut, you’ll get a lot of certain types of Kisau Veelas. It might be that in this one singe slice the counts go berserk and another kind is now the most common, no matter how nice a setup you had collected before. Do what the Scrum guys do – execute some agility and change tactics – start collecting another kind.