Oggipital Pro Tip #21

Pro Tip #21

The Collector knows all about this. Category “Observing, counting & tracking”.

Track the Kisau Veela types on the smaller side of your upcoming cut. It’s easier to keep count of a smaller bunch.

This is as basic as it gets. If you think the types of Kisau Veelas which pop into the field after a cut is random, you haven’t paid any attention whatsoever – I’ll be happy to challenge you in Game Center. For money.

If you see four blue and one orange Kisau Veela in the lower right corner of the playfield, and you cut the one nearest the middle of the screen (i.e. leaving the others in the corner), what type of Kisau Veela do you think you’ll get? Yes! Blue! Very good! If you cut three random one’s near those four, still so that you leave the four in the corner? You’ll get three new blue one’s! You also get three of some other kind, so you need to regroup for a few seconds to let the situation become one where you can again cut a bunch, but leave a group of the same kind on the small side of your cut.