Oggipital Pro Tip #22

Pro TipĀ #22

Dropping these tips like it’s hot, a tip for when it’s appropriate for some quick action.


Cut it while it’s hut – when you got a good bunch on one side, quick cutting nearby Kisau Veelas will get you a lot of the same kind.

Most of the time you should take it easy, just do the cut when the moment is right – before the time runs out, naturally. But sometimes a slicing frenzy can make a ton of difference. One example is when you see a nice bunch of the same type, moving slowly in a corner. If you cut the others nearby, especially so that the new one’s won’t bump into the nice group, you can do several successive cuts, rather quickly, and hence gain a lot of the nice type. This works especially well on an iPad where the playfield is physically much larger, so it’s easy to spot these situations.