Oggipital Pro Tip #23

Pro Tip #23

And lastly, it’s not about the size of your fingers, it’s how you use them.

Inaccurate cuts? One word: training. Different styles apply, but a stationary thumb and a quick index-finger flick is a good candidate.

Hey! The game’s out! Get it from the App Store, now! Thanks!

You have the chance to put all the wisedom of these pro tips to use now. Go on, I know you can do it. Yes, surely you’ll be frustrated and the Kisau Veelas will hear some words which shall never be written, but no worries: they can’t hear you.

The two-finger pinch-out move is not the easiest to get accurate, especially on the rather small iPhone screen. But it is as accurate you train it to be. The hurdle is small – you just need to get used to where your fingers “touch the screen”, meaning, which part of your fingers the iDevice translates to the exact pixel on screen. The game is pixel-accurate, so you can miss by a width of a hair.

Last tip: all the Pro Tips are available behind the Pause button. COnvenient to browse through them when you need to pause the game.

This ends the Pro Tip feature. Good luck and see you on the leaderboards! (I’ll be the one on top 😉)