Local Media Attention

For our first game, Oggipital, I set up a release party which I humourously called “The World’s Smallest Release Party”, as opposed to the huge releases the big companies do. The happening was essentially a small stand in front of our house (= Sneeweis offices), where I had a few seats where people could stop by for a coffee and a Kisau Veela -cupcake, and try out the game on iPad.

The release couldn’t have gone better. I had actually to cancel the release party due to heavy rain on Saturday (a few came actually by and I treated them inside the house instead), but the main local newspaper – not a small one in Finnish scale, with about 151’000 readers a week – came by just before the rain and did a huge interview with video and all. They made a big piece and published it in the Sunday paper, double-sided, on pages 4 and 5 with a front-page mention!

Satakunnan Kansa

In light of this the rain was actually a good thing: on Sunday the weather was great and I continued the release party on Sunday, and lots of people came by and recognized the game and place from the morning’s paper.