Month: June 2014

Oggipital Pro Tip #19

Pro Tip #19

One of the best tips in the category “Level Up”, this justs spills all the beans on the de facto leveling-up strategy.

At Level Up time, cut a lone, uncommon Kisau Veela at the outskirts of the field.

I bet there’s going to be a few “A-HA!” moments when players start to understand the mechanics of the scoring and the leveling up. This tip bumps you ahead of everyone. As the rule for leveling up is that you need half of the Kisau Veelas to be of the same kind, and they need to be on the same side of the cut for the gate to open, you’d like to cut a lonely Kisau Veela who’s on the outskirts of the field.

Why? Well, if you do a cut either high up, or low down, you maximize the amount of Kisau Veelas being on one side of the cut. And cutting an uncommon type you will maximize your score, as you want to keep as many of the most common kind on the field at level up time.

Oggipital Pro Tip #18

Pro Tip #18

“That’s what the ladies always say”, huh? Is that even a category?

Take it slow at start. The Kisau Veelas will calm down, you’ve got enough time!

It’s an action game, alright, but the first mistake beginners do is to start slicing and dicing like the world is going to end. I’m sure you can get some nice results with that strategy as well, but I’m sceptical you’d climb very high on the high score leaderboard.

The secret is to take it easy, especially in the first levels. You’ve got around 20 seconds to make your cut, and there is no scoring related to the time itself. So let the Kisau Veelas calm down after they drop to the playfield (they’ll slow down pretty quickly), and then start looking for those monster multiplier scores – meaning, Kisau Veelas which line up nicely for a combo cut. It’s much simpler to cut them when they move slowly.

Oggipital Pro Tip #17

Pro Tip #17

From the Ministry of Awkward Playing Positions, this bulletin just in!

Tilt and twist your device and wrist for those perfect angles and long cuts.

Getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is part of the charm, eh? It’s a well-known fact that the playing position –  having to cut horizontally with the two-finger pinch move – is not the most ergonomic of them all. However, the style is free: keep your device a bit tilted to either side – some play the game on an iPad in landscape mode altogether, even if the game does not support it. Whatever works for you! Some do the pinch move with the thumb and index finger, some with the index and the middle finger. Are you left-handed, right-handed? Does not make a difference, just find your preferred position. You probably need to tilt your device for those long, diagonal super-bonus cuts anyway – this game activates you physically as well! 🙂

I don’t find the playing position awkward – perhaps I’m used to it – but us lefties have a tendency of tilting our wrist in that “don’t-smudge-the-ink”-position, which makes the thumb+index finger pinch more or less horizontal. I keep my preferred gaming device, the iPad Mini, slightly tilted to the left when I’m going for the high score, slacking about on the sofa.