Smart Kat

Free from the App Store on November 17th, 2016! WOW With the touch of your finger, make your cat the smartest in the world! SO SMAHT! Dress your kitteh up with cute, awesome Stickers! AMAZE 5 different cats to play, both kittens and grownups to dress! 5 different cat breeds! Over… Read more


 It’s just human nature to start popping that bubble wrap once you get your hands on it. Many of us squash ugly bugs that are messing with our summery sweet drink. Oggipital is a game where you can please your slicing and squashing skills without harming a single real bug… Read more

Jungled Baron

Made in collaboration with our intern, 18-year-old Elma Lähteenmäki, who is a 2D/animation artist from the Nakkila Sataedu Vocational School for Animation and Game Design. Being in prototype stage at the moment, the best way of following the progress is by reading about it on our blog! The Jungled Baron is… Read more