Privacy Policy

Smart Kat

The application does not collect any personal data on behalf of Sneeweis. All in-game data is anonymous and not transferred outside the application.

However, the application uses the following third-party components, which might collect personal data, or distribute game data outside of the application, according to their own privacy policy:

Furthermore, the following should be considered for personal and third-party privacy:

  • The application allows distribution of in-game images by sharing to social media, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • It also allows for storing the image locally to the device, from which the user can freely distribute the image further by any means the device is capable of.
  • The user can add images to the application by using the camera on the device, or by inserting an image from the image library of the device.
  • The images are editable in the application (by applying “stickers” to the image).

With these application features, it is possible for a user to add, modify, and distribute images which are not under the user’s copyright. Users, especially of minor age, must be informed and understand this, as distributing copyrighted material, or distributing material meant to harm a third-party person such as a person who has not given the permission to use an image depicting the person, can have severe legal consequences. Sneeweis does not, and cannot, enforce the correct usage of the application in this matter.