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Announcing “Smart Kat”


If you seen silly cat images from us on Twitter or in Facebook, it’s not that we’ve gone totally bonkers and pivoted to a cat meme company – we’re really releasing a game called “Smart Kat”!

Categorized by many as sillier-than-silly, this game has it all: an nerve-wrecking skill session, and a slap-stickers-on-cute-cats part where you and your kids can express your inner talent of dressing up kittens.

The best part is that it’s scheduled to be released already now in November – you can check out the teaser trailer until then!

Announcing “Pixelem”

OK, it’s out there. Our next game will be called “Pixelem” and is a science-themed word puzzle game with, naturally, some unique twists, just as any other mobile game out there.

Chemists, physicists, and anthroponomastics will certainly get a extra kick out of the game, but casual games all over will definitely love this. I think. Well, it’s my best bet. So far.

But more on the game in later posts. I’m packing a secret which will most likely catch your eye – stay tuned for more stuff on the game as the prototype is being built!

Here’s the game’s page.

Release Announcement: Oggipital

Oggipital is releasing on Friday, June 6th!

To prepare you for this bubble-wrap-popping mania, there’s going to be a nice lineup of blog posts as we progress towards the D-day.

First and foremost, there will be a “Pro Tip” feature which will show and explain some real gems on how to play the game. This way I’ll give you all a chance to beat my score in Game Center. 😉

Second, you’ll get to know the game characters a little bit better. Furthermore there will be the occasional game development and indie game studio how-does-it-feel-now post. As we ramp up my nervousity for the release, and the main sales week following that, I am also planning on doing a “post mortem” after the first few weeks of the release – with sales stats and all.

Let’s just hope there is no grand screw-up in my code, as the game is actually not yet approved by the App Store.  However, I don’t see why I wouldn’t get this solved within these coming three weeks. Fingers crossed.


Done, Done

So, you’re done, but are you “done, done?”, as they ask in Scrum. Yes, I am done. Oggipital is done. All known bugs closed, minor audio tweaks done, Game Center integration complete. I’m not saying I won’t still tune the game, but for now, the package is whatever Xcode spurts out when I press “Archive”.

Official release date coming up shortly! Oh joy!


Bam! Stop the press!

Sneeweis’ first game is hereby officially announced as it enters the beta testing phase!


Oggipital, with its cute characters the Kisau Veelas and the Oggiput is a puzzle game about quick decisions and accurate finger moves, about the pursuit of the highest score among your friends. Perfect for those minutes on the sofa when home alone. On the back seat on a road trip. Between the bus stops. In the loo. Quick to play, quick to annoy, quick to thrill.

It probably won’t help you to become a better Oggipital player by reading the book. The book is recommended reading, nonetheless.

Look! It is already playable on an iPad if you’re one of the lucky beta testers. But it’s not yet released, you’ll have to wait to around April 2014 to find it in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. An exact release date will be decided while we go along in this blog.

For a more formal game presentation please visit the Games Page.

If you like to stay updated through Facebook, please “Like” Oggipital’s Facebook page here.

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