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Oggipital Hit the Top Chart

Still in release hangover mode. It’s hard to concentrate on any new stuff. Turns out, releasing a game is quite some work. 🙂

Oggipital did quite nicely in Finland: it topped the overall charts with positions  11. and 16. on the iPhone and iPad, respectively. On Games it topped 4th, and on Puzzle game category it was actually no. 1 for a day!


While this is fantastic, the downside is that the peak is hard to sustain, and the market is small in Finland. So from a monetary perspective, it’s not a great success. But for what I was looking for with this first release – to enter the market and gain some media attention – it was certainly successful! Very happy with the whole release weekend.

The plan is to update Oggipital with a few new features and some score balancing, as well as a couple of bug fixes, in the coming weeks. Parallel to that, I’ll try to drum up some international media attention to it. Next week I’ll attend Pocket Gamer Connects game conference in Helsinki, and hoping to meet some press and fellow game developers there.

Local Media Attention

For our first game, Oggipital, I set up a release party which I humourously called “The World’s Smallest Release Party”, as opposed to the huge releases the big companies do. The happening was essentially a small stand in front of our house (= Sneeweis offices), where I had a few seats where people could stop by for a coffee and a Kisau Veela -cupcake, and try out the game on iPad.

The release couldn’t have gone better. I had actually to cancel the release party due to heavy rain on Saturday (a few came actually by and I treated them inside the house instead), but the main local newspaper – not a small one in Finnish scale, with about 151’000 readers a week – came by just before the rain and did a huge interview with video and all. They made a big piece and published it in the Sunday paper, double-sided, on pages 4 and 5 with a front-page mention!

Satakunnan Kansa

In light of this the rain was actually a good thing: on Sunday the weather was great and I continued the release party on Sunday, and lots of people came by and recognized the game and place from the morning’s paper.

Front Page News!


My for-fun release party, which I promoted to local newspapers as “The World’s Smallest Release Party”, made first-page news on Satakunnan Kansa, the “New York Times” of Pori, Finland ( 😉 ).

In Finnish only, naturally, but there’s a video on there where I demo the game to the journalist. Thanks to Harri Aalto and photographer Kari Mankonen for the piece!

Direct link here.

The rain ruined the party, but hey, that’s life. I’ll continue tomorrow, they’ve forecasted sunshine!

Oggipital Pro Tip #23

Pro Tip #23

And lastly, it’s not about the size of your fingers, it’s how you use them.

Inaccurate cuts? One word: training. Different styles apply, but a stationary thumb and a quick index-finger flick is a good candidate.

Hey! The game’s out! Get it from the App Store, now! Thanks!

You have the chance to put all the wisedom of these pro tips to use now. Go on, I know you can do it. Yes, surely you’ll be frustrated and the Kisau Veelas will hear some words which shall never be written, but no worries: they can’t hear you.

The two-finger pinch-out move is not the easiest to get accurate, especially on the rather small iPhone screen. But it is as accurate you train it to be. The hurdle is small – you just need to get used to where your fingers “touch the screen”, meaning, which part of your fingers the iDevice translates to the exact pixel on screen. The game is pixel-accurate, so you can miss by a width of a hair.

Last tip: all the Pro Tips are available behind the Pause button. COnvenient to browse through them when you need to pause the game.

This ends the Pro Tip feature. Good luck and see you on the leaderboards! (I’ll be the one on top 😉)

Oggipital Pro Tip #22

Pro Tip #22

Dropping these tips like it’s hot, a tip for when it’s appropriate for some quick action.


Cut it while it’s hut – when you got a good bunch on one side, quick cutting nearby Kisau Veelas will get you a lot of the same kind.

Most of the time you should take it easy, just do the cut when the moment is right – before the time runs out, naturally. But sometimes a slicing frenzy can make a ton of difference. One example is when you see a nice bunch of the same type, moving slowly in a corner. If you cut the others nearby, especially so that the new one’s won’t bump into the nice group, you can do several successive cuts, rather quickly, and hence gain a lot of the nice type. This works especially well on an iPad where the playfield is physically much larger, so it’s easy to spot these situations.

Oggipital Pro Tip #21

Pro Tip #21

The Collector knows all about this. Category “Observing, counting & tracking”.

Track the Kisau Veela types on the smaller side of your upcoming cut. It’s easier to keep count of a smaller bunch.

This is as basic as it gets. If you think the types of Kisau Veelas which pop into the field after a cut is random, you haven’t paid any attention whatsoever – I’ll be happy to challenge you in Game Center. For money.

If you see four blue and one orange Kisau Veela in the lower right corner of the playfield, and you cut the one nearest the middle of the screen (i.e. leaving the others in the corner), what type of Kisau Veela do you think you’ll get? Yes! Blue! Very good! If you cut three random one’s near those four, still so that you leave the four in the corner? You’ll get three new blue one’s! You also get three of some other kind, so you need to regroup for a few seconds to let the situation become one where you can again cut a bunch, but leave a group of the same kind on the small side of your cut.

Oggipital Pro Tip #20

Pro Tip #20

The Agile Coach brought this one in. On a post-it note. He stuck it on the whiteboard in the “To Do” column, and never bothered to stay until it was moved into the “To Be Verified” column.

Start collecting a Kisau Veela type early on, but be prepared to change your tactic if a great cut gets you more of the other.

The fact is, no-one has time to keep track of the Kisau Veela count at all times. Sometimes you hunt for the huge multiplier score, and when you do that cut, you’ll get a lot of certain types of Kisau Veelas. It might be that in this one singe slice the counts go berserk and another kind is now the most common, no matter how nice a setup you had collected before. Do what the Scrum guys do – execute some agility and change tactics – start collecting another kind.