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About Smart (Kat) Game Design

So, Smart Kat is out, and we’ve got fantastic feedback about it, such as “I’m not sure what to think about this!” Given the game’s setup, that is actually the kind of feedback we were expecting – we’ve made it clear throughout the trailers that the game should not be taken too seriously. It’s simple and silly, but good fun. And definitely child friendly!

However, it’s seriously a game, and even if it started out as a silly idea, it’s grown to be quite a long-lived game, compared to other “minigames”. This thanks to the, logically completely detached I might add, combination of gameplay modes.

A quick roundup about the game:

  • The goal is to “make your cat as smart as possible”, i.e. earn a score as high as possible.
  • You do this by simply tapping the screen, and holding down your finger for as long as you dare.
  • The closer to the “maximum smartness” of the cat you get, the higher your score – but if you overrun it, the cat becomes “too smart”, and – game over.
  • Once you’ve done this, you can – here the game takes a surprising turn – put on various, hilarious, STICKERS on your cat! Because, why not?
  • You can save and share these creations of art, and return to them in the “My Cats” list.

If you think about it, most of the good-old computer games, like C64-old ones, were about one single, simple game mechanic. The sports game where you whacked the heck out of your joystick in the hope of a new world record for 110 metres dash. There wasn’t more than some graphics and sound FX on top of that, and the full game was essentially a collection of sports, each of them based on a similar one-function game mechanic.

With that perspective, I don’t feel like Smart Kat is “too small” to be an actual game. At the same time I don’t try to convince people that it’s a big game, either. The game mechanic is not ground breaking, but it’s one of those very smart ones. Kudos here to a friend of mine – he told me about the mechanic, I didn’t invent it. It lingered in my mind for some weeks, until an opportunity to quickly make a minigame arose, and I went for it. At that point, mainly to just release something, and to increase my source code repository.

I’m not sure when we, I and Nico the Graphic Designer, came up with the “Slap stickers on the cat” idea, but when we did some prototyping it quickly became evident that the idea is too hilarious not to be included in the game. Furthermore, being a father of two < 8 y girls, I always investigate and keep in mind what would be suitable for kids as well. I’m especially proud of this part of the game – it seems to engage kids, not to mention kid-minded adults, to create wildly diverse pictures of cats in hilarious costumes. Especially kids are extremely good in using the stickers in most surprising ways!

The game’s longevity comes from this Sticker Mode. We will be releasing updates with additional features and, of course, MORE STICKERS, and we’re hoping this will make players return to the game.

And yes – the next update will be a Xmas Season update, and it will contain, on top of awesome Xmas stickers, the feature we’ve all been waiting for: to be able to put stickers on your own photos! We’re looking forward for some hilarious facebook profile pictures…! 😀


Announcing “Smart Kat”


If you seen silly cat images from us on Twitter or in Facebook, it’s not that we’ve gone totally bonkers and pivoted to a cat meme company – we’re really releasing a game called “Smart Kat”!

Categorized by many as sillier-than-silly, this game has it all: an nerve-wrecking skill session, and a slap-stickers-on-cute-cats part where you and your kids can express your inner talent of dressing up kittens.

The best part is that it’s scheduled to be released already now in November – you can check out the teaser trailer until then!