Pixelem is a science-themed word puzzle game. Dive right into the world of world-renowed scientists, chemistry, elements, particles, and radiation. You know, sciency stuff like that. But don’t be alarmed, the sciency stuff is nothing you need to master to play the game – any swiping and tapping skills of a brain-teasing puzzle game lover is enough! The nerdy stuff is there as an extra, for us extra geeky persons. Because it’s both educating, and hilarious.

Expect a lot of particles and radiation flying around. Tease that brain! B-zap!

Pixelem is work in progress, and the next title of Sneeweis. Coming to your iOS 7-capable device in the the first half of 2015. Follow the path to production in the blog!

Jungled Baron

The third game of Sneeweis is made in collaboration with our intern, 18-year-old Elma Lähteenmäki, who is a 2D/animation artist from the Nakkila Sataedu Vocational School for Animation and Game Design. Being in concept stage at the moment, the best way of following the progress is by reading about it on our blog!

The Jungled Baron is a action game, paying homage to the 1980’s handheld electronic games. Shortly put, a baron ends up in a jungle, goes a bit nutty for coconuts, and there’s some really whacky [sic] monkey business going on!


We’re working on a grand update, stay tuned for some serious cut’n’slice bonanza – soon in the App Store!

Pro Tip: the price will drop to $0.99 with the update!

It’s just human nature to start popping that bubble wrap once you get your hands on it. Many of us squash ugly bugs that are messing with our summery sweet drink.

Threesy_1BOggipital is a game where you can please your slicing and squashing skills without harming a single real bug or sheet of bubble wrap. Pinch in, pinch out, and see those funny characters go “pop”!
The game is about quick decisions and accurate finger moves, about the pursuit of the highest score, about a pure level-up, and a clean play-through. Plus, the characters of the game look sweet and dandy as well, that never hurts, right? Meet the Kisau Veelas and the Oggiput, and in the same go, get that high score!

Wansy_1BIf you are anything like us here at Sneeweis, you’re going to love the fast-paced tempo of it – expect hair-tearing sudden deaths and rapid Game Over-screens, and fast-paced thrills when you’re on the roll. There’s always another new game, right there – nothing like the previous game, but an equally potential candidate for the high score. This, we think, puts the game into the loved “casual game” category. What else would you be doing when chilling at home on the sofa?

Can you find the optimal strategy and tune your finger skills to beat everyone on the planet? We haven’t been able to, so far. Apple’s Game Center will keep track of your scores, so log in, and challenge your friends for a race up the leaderboards!

 iOS Simulator Screen shot 14 maj 2014 13.48.39 iOS Simulator Screen shot 14 maj 2014 13.52.48 iOS Simulator Screen shot 14 maj 2014 13.59.23 iOS Simulator Screen shot 14 maj 2014 14.13.42

Gameplay shortly

  • Quick and short game sessions.
  • Cut the characters by doing a horizontal “zoom in” move.
  • If you make a mistake such as cut vertically, or a miss, the Oggiput character will enter the field. Do a “zoom out” (pinch) move, also horizontally, to get rid of him.
  • Cut the characters to collect enough of one kind to level up.
  • Watch out for sudden deaths – even one mistake can end the game.

The game is suitable for every age, from kid to grandparent. There’s no graphical violence in it, and not a single IAP (In-App Purchase) or advertisement bugging you. Pure action gameplay all through.



Release date: Friday, 6th of June,  2014

Price: $1.99 (€1.79)

System requirements: iOS 7 installed on an iPhone (4, 4S, or newer), iPad (2, or newer), any iPad Mini, or iPod Touch (5th generation or newer). The game is a “Universal app”, working both on an iPhone/iPod, and iPad.

Team: Ville Lundberg (Game design & development), Pietari Posti (Art & graphics,, Ryan Davies (Audio,


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